1. 17 May, 2015 2 commits
  2. 16 May, 2015 1 commit
  3. 15 May, 2015 6 commits
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      Use "Name" column for drag & drop instead of first column (bug #11905) · 1ba30278
      Harald Judt authored
      Instead of simply using the first column for drag & drop and the other
      columns for starting the rubberband selection it is better to use the
      column showing the filenames for this, as the user can change its position.
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      Update the path entry icon when current file changes · 6c4676ad
      Harald Judt authored
      Example use case this solves: Empty the trash while it is shown as
      current folder.
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      Revert changes for restoring the trash in the session client (bug #9513) · 61e52c7d
      Harald Judt authored
      Because we now force-spawn the gvfs trash daemon in main(), this code
      is no longer necessary and can be removed.
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      Fix loading the trash bin status at startup (bug #9513) · 2d5567b2
      Harald Judt authored
      If the gvfsd-trash daemon has not spawned and thunar accesses the trash bin
      "trash:///" the first time, then the trash bin does not report the correct
      state. This is probably because the daemon needs some time to spawn and get
      As a solution, lets reload the trash file in idle when it is first created,
      and then again a bit later after a few seconds have passed. By that time
      the gvfs trash daemon should have spawned and the state is properly set.
      This is only necessary when first loading the file, not when getting it
      from the cache, so we put this into main to be run at startup.
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      Turn off building gtk-docs API reference · d1110b89
      Harald Judt authored
      Building it fails starting with gtk-doc-1.22, and there have been
      lots of validity errors with previous versions for some time. Until
      someone comes and fixes it, stop building it.
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      Use Alt_L instead of F10 to toggle the menubar (bug #10250) · 9283ed8f
      Harald Judt authored
      Other applications like firefox, thunderbird etc. use Alt_L to toggle
      a hidden menubar. This seems to be some kind of standard and is also
      more intuitive because menu mnemonics are triggered by Alt_L too.
      The second part of this commit fixes hiding the menubar (if set to
      be invisible).
      Of course, the setting still needs to be activated in the view menu or
      via Control + M.
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