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      Improve drag & drop and selecting in the details view (bug #11605) · bb9fe8ad
      Harald Judt authored
      When using the left mouse button, clicking on the first column of an item
      will select it or initiate dragging, but rubber banding is deactivated.
      For the other columns, only rubber banding will be possible and dragging
      be disabled.
      When using the right mouse button, clicking on the first column of an
      item will always select it and pop up the context menu of the item.
      Clicking on another column of an unselected item will unselect all
      items and show the menu of the folder, while clicking on another
      column of a selected item will show the context menu for that item
      (or those items).
      An extensive explanation has been added to the thunar docs in the wiki:
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      Fix updating custom actions (bug #11749) · d19eccf8
      Harald Judt authored
      "Inserts an action group into the list of action groups associated with manager.
       Actions in earlier groups hide actions with the same name in later groups.
       If pos is larger than the number of action groups in manager, or negative,
       action_group will be inserted at the end of the internal list."
      Always keep the window actions (group "ThunarActions") at the top of the
      internal list of the GTK UI manager, so that they appear earlier. This
      way, the shortcuts will not be lost, and the custom actions for the
      context menu created by ThunarStandardView will work properly nonetheless.
      Also update the UI manager immediately after inserting the action group,
      otherwise GClosure warnings will spawn on stdout:
      "g_closure_add_invalidate_notifier: assertion 'closure->n_inotifiers <
       unable to remove uninstalled invalidation notifier"
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      Update rows on changes of case-sensitive and folders-first settings · 1873ca91
      Harald Judt authored
      This is analogous to 02baccc0.
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