Commit 9509d3f2 authored by Harald Judt's avatar Harald Judt

Updates for release

parent bb9fe8ad
......@@ -2,6 +2,7 @@ Benedikt Meurer <>
Jannis Pohlmann <>
Jeffs Franks <>
Nick Schermer <>
Harald Judt <>
The stock_folder-copy and stock_folder-move icons where taken from
gnome-icon-theme 2.18.0 whose authors are Lapo Calamandrei <>,
- Improve drag & drop and selecting in the details view (bug #11605) (Harald Judt)
- Let row changes accumulate a bit before restoring selection (Harald Judt)
- Implement reloading file information on manual reload (Harald Judt)
- Extend reload functions to allow a full reload (Harald Judt)
- Check in thunar-marshal with new _thunar_marshal_BOOLEAN__BOOLEAN (Harald Judt)
- Reload files changed by jobs in an idle loop (bug #11008) (Harald Judt)
- Refactor code for moving thumbnail cache file on renames/moves (Harald Judt)
- Rework thunar_file_monitor to properly register moved files (Harald Judt)
- Add function to reload parent file of a file (Harald Judt)
- Fix updating file info for moved files (bug #11008) (Harald Judt)
- Revert "Refresh file info after getting it from cache (bug #11008)" (Harald Judt)
- Update the location bar after reload (bug #10518) (Harald Judt)
- Fix updating custom actions (bug #11749) (Harald Judt)
- Update rows on changes of case-sensitive and folders-first settings (Harald Judt)
- Fix typos and grammar mistakes in a few comments (Harald Judt)
- Make new windows inherit the history of the origin view (bug #5538) (Harald Judt)
- Make new tabs inherit the history of the origin view (bug #5538) (Harald Judt)
- Keep the history across view changes (bug #10171) (Harald Judt)
- Implement functions for copying the history of a view (Harald Judt)
- Rename tsv_restore_selection to tsv_select_after_row_deleted (Harald Judt)
- Redraw the details view on row changes (Harald Judt)
- Restore selection on row changes too (bug #9886) (Harald Judt)
- Improve mouse wheel zoom behaviour (Harald Judt)
- Remember and restore file selection on view changes (Harald Judt)
- Restore file selection when changing sort order (bug #9886) (Harald Judt)
- Update model with changed binary file size setting immediately (Harald Judt)
- Fix typo busy_pulse in thunar-shortcuts-model.c (Harald Judt)
- Fix typo in thunar-clipboard-manager (Harald Judt)
- Fix Gdk-CRITICAL error (Thaddaeus Tintenfisch)
- Clean up more files with make clean (Harald Judt)
- Rework usage of binary file size properties (bug #11450) (Harald Judt)
- Remove duplicate break statement in thunar-standard-view (Harald Judt)
- Fix compiler warning about shadowing 'basename' (bug #11633) (Matt Thirtytwo)
- thunar/thunar-dbus-service-infos.xml corrections (Thaddaeus Tintenfisch)
- Fix startup id handling for launch requests over D-Bus (bug #9646) (Thaddaeus Tintenfisch)
- Fallback to non-cached version of source file (bug #9142) (Thaddaeus Tintenfisch)
- Translation updates: Chinese (China), Croatian, English (Australia), French, German,
Greek, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Swedish, Ukrainian
- Removed GNU extension -i from sed (Peter de Ridder)
......@@ -26,10 +26,10 @@ m4_define([thunarx_verinfo], [0:0:0])
m4_define([thunarx_version_api], [2])
m4_define([thunar_version_major], [1])
m4_define([thunar_version_minor], [6])
m4_define([thunar_version_micro], [6])
m4_define([thunar_version_micro], [7])
m4_define([thunar_version_nano], [])
m4_define([thunar_version_build], [@REVISION@])
m4_define([thunar_version_tag], [git])
m4_define([thunar_version_tag], [])
m4_define([thunar_version], [thunar_version_major().thunar_version_minor().thunar_version_micro()ifelse(thunar_version_nano(), [], [], [.thunar_version_nano()])ifelse(thunar_version_tag(), [git], [thunar_version_tag()-thunar_version_build()], [thunar_version_tag()])])
dnl *******************************************
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