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Improved internal data structure of tree-view

Amrit Kashyap Borah requested to merge Elessar1802/thunar:new-tree-view into master

Completed work -

  • Seg fault while toggling show-hidden.
  • implement get paths for pattern
  • Implement searching. (Set Job)
  • clean collapsed folders ? to reduce mem usage.
  • valgrind testing (Fixed found mem leaks)

TODO (after Merge) (From !352 (merged))

  • #1144 (closed) - Properly define and implement the drag and drop of expanded files.
  • #1146 (closed) - Improve Thunar responsiveness (remove freezes) when opening 10000+ files.
    • Explore the various solutions. Make things more async.
    • Investigate the cause of the freeze.
  • #1145 (closed) - XL & XL+ thumbnails.
    • May need a rewrite of thumbnailing.
  • #1148 (closed) - Expanding folders in single click mode will activate them
  • #1149 (closed) - Select files after action in list view
  • #1156 (closed) - Reload is called once per subfolder
  • #1179 (closed) - Failure to remove file from tree-view-model in some cases
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