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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • ristretto-0.3.7 protected
    d68fa750 · update version-number ·
    Tag ristretto 0.3.7
    - Reset adjustment-limits on closing the image (hide scrollbars)
    - Remove call to gtk_message_dialog_get_message_area  ( > gtk 2.20)
    - Improve rendering performance when closing a file
  • ristretto-0.5.2 protected
    90a85ed9 · Update version number ·
    Tag ristretto 0.5.2
    - Remove the 'debug' monitor from the wallpaper chooser.
    - Add option to show a clock in fullscreen mode.
    - Improve the way 'default'-accelerators are registered.
    - Load directory-contents asynchronously. - Prevent lockup of the
  • ristretto-0.5.1 protected
    Tag ristreto 0.5.1
    - Add 'other' applications to the editor-chooser applications-list.
    - Show mime-type icon instead of 'broken-image' icon in the
    - Add missing tooltips to the toolbar.
  • ristretto-0.5.0 protected
    6206e74f · Update version number ·
    Tag Ristretto 0.5.0
    - Use only one toolbar
    - Remove the 'close' button from the toolbar, and replace it
      with an 'edit' quick-launcher.
    - Add support for a default editor.
    - Replace the thumbnailbar with a port of exo-icon-bar
    - Remove exo dependency
    - Support for documentation
  • ristretto-0.3.6 protected
    Tag Ristretto 0.3.6
    - Clear tooltip if image is closed
    - Provide mime-type when loading image, gdkpixbufloader makes mistakes
      guessing it.
    - Keep a list of file-monitors for each file when a selection of files
      is opened.
    - Make a difference between delete from disk and send to trash.
  • ristretto-0.3.5 protected
    f5ddfd3a · Update version number ·
    Tag Ristretto 0.3.5
    - Fix bug #8343 (Do not use symbols from gtk+ > 2.20)
    - Fix bug #8512 (Report image-loading errors back to the user.)
    - Fix bug #8513 (ristretto.desktop mime-types list is incomplete)
  • ristretto-0.3.4 protected
    Tag ristretto-0.3.4
    - Fix compiler-warning due to missing return-statement
  • ristretto-0.3.3 protected
    Tag Ristretto 0.3.3
    - Fix bug #8343 (Do not use symbols from gtk+ > 2.20)
    - Autogenerate Changelog on make dist
    - Update scale information when box-zoom is used.
    - Fix bug #8317 (Blurred full-screen image) - round offset to nearest
    - Fix --fullscreen and --slideshow CLI options.
  • ristretto-0.3.2 protected
    a2e8a9c9 · Update version number ·
    Tag ristretto 0.3.2
     - Add missing docs
  • ristretto-0.3.1 protected
    98ed9c4a · Update version number ·
    Tag ristretto 0.3.1
    - Fix bug #3688 (Drag and Drop support for ristretto) When an image
      is dropped on the main-window, ristretto opens it and its siblings.
    - Fix bug #5246 (Set as wallpaper doesn't work in GNOME)
    - Fix bug #6509 (Implement file-monitor)
    - Fix bug #7818 (statusbar pixel info) Improve statusbar messages.
    - Fix bug #8026 (monitors in "set as wallpaper" dialog alignment) add
      'foot' to the monitors and align to that.
    - Fix bug #8134 (Fix Segmentation fault when
      paint_background_icon tries to use a NULL bg_icon)
    - Fix bug #8135 (Fix compile with --enable-debug=full)
    - Fix bug #8176 (Request for warning dialog window informing user
      tumblerd is not reachable/installed)
    - Fix bug #8211 (Segfault on exit) Correctly cleanup the thumbnailer on
    - Fix bug #8296 (Ristretto crashes when a file is added to the monitored
      dir), reconsidered reference-counting on file-objects. Do not let
      image-list assume reference, but add it's own.
    - Fix bug #8317 (Blurred full-screen image) off-by-0.5 only applies to
      single lines, not pixbufs.
    - Do not open the copy of an image when saving.
    - Apply saturation and brightness settings in the set-wallpaper
      preview widget.
    - Add 'has-next' and 'has-previous' functions to disable the sensitivity
      of the 'back' and 'forward' buttons when showing the first or last
      image in a list.
    - Improve preview of the set-wallpaper dialog.
    - Make sure file-types unsupported by gdkpixbufloader are not accidently
      included in the image-list.
    - Save the sorting algoritm.
    - Limit rendering of selection-box to the inside of the image.
    - Allow a directory to be passed in as a command-line argument.
  • ristretto-0.3.0 protected
    926dbd31 · Update NEWS, version ·
    Tag ristretto-0.3.0
    - Re-introduce autorotation based on the exif-orientation tag, a
      regression since 0.0.93
    - Prevent segmentation fault when an error occurs while loading
      an image
    - Port image-viewer to cairo.
    - Fix Bug #8097  (Prevent thumbnails from disappearing)
    - Read the bgcolor properties on startup
    - Let the file properties-dialog show file-properties.
    - Add --settings cli-option to launch the settings-dialog.
    - Add help->contents menuitem, launching documentation
    - Add a user-manual
    - Solve problem with size-calculation in size_prepared callback
    - Set default height to 440px, Show all buttons on a vertically aligned
    - Show thumbnailbar by default
    - Show toolbar when closing images in fullscreen-mode
    - Improve background-color of monitor-chooser
    - Make 'hide thumbnailbar fullscreen' the default
    - Cleanup some memory-leaks
    - Fix rounding error that generates continues rewrites of the main
    - Decrease buffersize when loading images, solves a problem with the
      JPEG pixbufloader.
    - Rotate thumbnails.
  • ristretto-0.1.4 protected
    24f42a75 · Update NEWS, version ·
    Tag ristretto-0.1.4
    - Fix bug #8097 (Scrolling to the right of a horizontal positioned
      thumbnailbar will make the images disappear)
    - Decrease buffersize, prevents some pixbufloaders to behave oddly.
  • ristretto-0.2.3 protected
    4653f9b2 · Update NEWS, version ·
    Tag ristretto-0.2.3
    - Fix bug #8097 (Scrolling to the right of a horizontal positioned
      thumbnailbar will make the images disappear)
    - Decrease buffersize, prevents some pixbufloaders to behave oddly.
  • ristretto-0.1.3 protected
    Tag ristretto 0.1.3
    (I forgot to push before the release, and lost the tags)
    Re-tagged, and pushed
  • ristretto-0.2.2 protected
    c0a0e13c · Update NEWS and Version ·
    Tag ristretto 0.2.2
  • ristretto-0.2.1 protected
    Tag ristretto 0.2.1
  • ristretto-0.1.2 protected
    Tag ristretto 0.1.2
  • ristretto-0.2.0 protected
    eab7e6b8 · Update version number ·
    - Fix bug #6866 (Improve the sorting algorythm for filenames)
    - Fix bug #8025 (Add Stock-icon to set-wallpaper menu-item)
    - Fix bug #7867 ( Fix a problem where the image-viewer is updated too
      often, sometimes indefinately until the widget-size is changed again.)
    - Improve open-file and close-file behaviour
    - Hide thumbnailbar when no images are opened
    - Add option to merge the 2 toolbars into one
    - Fix memory-leak of the thumbnail pixbuf
    - Make open-entire-folder the default and remove the option from the
      preferences dialog
    - Show the toolbar when going to fullscreen-mode without any open images
    - Fix error with open-dialog because current-uri is not set correctly.
    - Reduce timeout before toolbar is hidden from 3000 to 500ms
  • ristretto-0.1.1 protected
    Tag ristretto-0.1.1
  • ristretto-0.1.0 protected
    Tag ristretto 0.1.0