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- Fix bug #6866 (Improve the sorting algorythm for filenames)
- Fix bug #8025 (Add Stock-icon to set-wallpaper menu-item)
- Fix bug #7867 ( Fix a problem where the image-viewer is updated too
  often, sometimes indefinately until the widget-size is changed again.)
- Improve open-file and close-file behaviour
- Hide thumbnailbar when no images are opened
- Add option to merge the 2 toolbars into one
- Fix memory-leak of the thumbnail pixbuf
- Make open-entire-folder the default and remove the option from the
  preferences dialog
- Show the toolbar when going to fullscreen-mode without any open images
- Fix error with open-dialog because current-uri is not set correctly.
- Reduce timeout before toolbar is hidden from 3000 to 500ms