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Tag ristretto 0.3.1

- Fix bug #3688 (Drag and Drop support for ristretto) When an image
  is dropped on the main-window, ristretto opens it and its siblings.
- Fix bug #5246 (Set as wallpaper doesn't work in GNOME)
- Fix bug #6509 (Implement file-monitor)
- Fix bug #7818 (statusbar pixel info) Improve statusbar messages.
- Fix bug #8026 (monitors in "set as wallpaper" dialog alignment) add
  'foot' to the monitors and align to that.
- Fix bug #8134 (Fix Segmentation fault when
  paint_background_icon tries to use a NULL bg_icon)
- Fix bug #8135 (Fix compile with --enable-debug=full)
- Fix bug #8176 (Request for warning dialog window informing user
  tumblerd is not reachable/installed)
- Fix bug #8211 (Segfault on exit) Correctly cleanup the thumbnailer on
- Fix bug #8296 (Ristretto crashes when a file is added to the monitored
  dir), reconsidered reference-counting on file-objects. Do not let
  image-list assume reference, but add it's own.
- Fix bug #8317 (Blurred full-screen image) off-by-0.5 only applies to
  single lines, not pixbufs.
- Do not open the copy of an image when saving.
- Apply saturation and brightness settings in the set-wallpaper
  preview widget.
- Add 'has-next' and 'has-previous' functions to disable the sensitivity
  of the 'back' and 'forward' buttons when showing the first or last
  image in a list.
- Improve preview of the set-wallpaper dialog.
- Make sure file-types unsupported by gdkpixbufloader are not accidently
  included in the image-list.
- Save the sorting algoritm.
- Limit rendering of selection-box to the inside of the image.
- Allow a directory to be passed in as a command-line argument.