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Unify way to get/set metadata

  • Introduces a "type" argument in order to specify the metadata type to use. The data itself is passed as string. Currently, only THUNAR_GTYPE_STRINGV and THUNAR_GTYPE_STRING are supported. More types can be added later when required.
  • Since not all metadata-names are prefixed with 'thunar-', that convention was removed from thunar_g_file_set_metadata_setting (and others)
  • In order to set emblems, thunar_io_jobs_set_metadata_for_files is used now to prevent lag/freeze (Fixes #892 (closed)). As well thunar_file_changed is not called anymore, since it causes lag. Instead the only the view is re-drawn after the io job finished.

@Elessar1802, ping, just in case you are interested to test/review this MR .... it's a lot, so I absolutely could understand if you don't have time 🙂 If you want to review, best do it commit-by-commit.

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