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Draft: Asynchronous File Icon Renderer

Yongha Hwang requested to merge MShrimp4/thunar:thunar_file_async into master


It's way far from completion, but I thought leaving this here would be better. I implemented thunar_icon_factory_load_file_icon_async() to do some of the I/O asynchronously, and used it on icon renderer.

Related: #115 (closed) #298 (closed) #528


  • Solve every compiler warnings
  • Asynchronous image thumbnail fetch (It still freezes when thumbnail is on) Done!
  • Prevent spamming asynchronous icon fetch Done!
  • Make sure fetched icons are cached Done!
  • Truly asynchronous thunar_file_get_icon_name_async()
  • Use cancellable and error
  • Check for memory leak
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