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Draft: Port to GTK 4

Gaël Bonithon requested to merge Tamaranch/mousepad:port-to-gtk4 into master

Fixes #138 (closed).

I wanted to experience a port to GTK 4 to see what it looks like! No idea when such a thing could or should be merged, but it's better to share it and have an online backup. This also requires GtkSourceView 5.

The commit list more or less follows the migration guide provided in the documentation. This almost completely ignores the deprecations introduced in 4.10 (which pave the way for 5.0), but for the rest the porting can be considered complete. There are however some persistent bugs, here is a small list (maybe non exhaustive):

NB: all the commits prefixed "pre-GTK4:" are supposed to compile; none of those prefixed "GTK 4:" are supposed to compile, except the last one.

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