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UI Improvements (Continued) (Closes #299)

Sean Davis requested to merge bluesabre/xfwm4:new-ui-improvements into master

This branch:

  • Refreshes Glade files for version 3.38, bumps GTK minimum version to 3.22, libxfce4ui to 4.12, and replaces deprecated values and widgets
  • Improves spacing according to the 6/12/18 standards from the GNOME 2 HIG (and used elsewhere in Xfce)
  • Removes unnecessary newlines in the Tweaks window
  • Adds right margin to slider labels on the Compositor tab
  • Cleans up order of generically-named (e.g. label1) widgets for easier future review

Closes old pull request #299.

Edited by Sean Davis

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