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Other labels

  • 5. Window Sticky
    Xfce / xfwm4
    Makes window only visible on a particular workspace
  • 5. Window Titlebar
    Xfce / xfwm4
    Its font, label alignment, and button layout
  • 5. X11
    X11 specific issue
  • 5. Xfwm Themes
    Xfce / xfwm4
    Window decorations specifically designed for Xfce
  • Key when pressed with a combination of the right, middle, and left click and mousewheel to minimize, move, resize and zoom. function is easy_click()
  • Relates to accessibility and accessibility technologies
  • Developer or user documentation
  • Internationalization and translation issues
  • Languages that write RTL including Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, Urdu
  • Tracking issues fixed by GSoC students
  • Tracking issues fixed by GSoC students