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- Add startup notification support for keyboard shortcuts.
- Process xmodmap file at startup and on layout change (bug #5094).
- Save and restore numlock state (bug #3098).
- Ignore virtual XTEST mouse (bug #6735).
- keyboard: Fix handling of empty variants (bug #6727).
- Use GTK_SELECTION_BROWSE for treeviews.
- Use xkl_config_item_new instead of g_new0.
- Double click a keyboard layout/variant to edit it.
- Show xklavier descriptions instead of language codes.
- Fix inclusion of several displays on a single crtc.
- Scroll to the active gtk, icon or mouse theme.
- Fix the alignment of the "Hinting" label.
- Use selected keyboard layout on session startup (bug #5270).
- Select first available keyboard layout when deleting the active one.
- Translation updates (gl, de, ru, it, uk, fi, sv, kk, eu, pt, da).