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- Rework the randr support in xfce4-settings, this requires
  randr 1.2 or higher.
- Add a minimal dialog for quick display setup (--minimal, -m).
- Port to libxklavier 5.0 API.
- Be consistent in the check for exo-1.
- Require the correct version of xi and inputproto (bug #6033).
- Fix the old shortcut duplicate after editing a command.
- Set value after setting the range and digits.
- Don't save settings dialogs when saving session (bug #5113).
- Release the current editor channel on exit.
- Allow resizing of the edit property dialogs.
- Fix linking issues (bug #6236).
- Fix pluggable dialogs (bug #6138).
- Change the way workspace names are handled.
- Remove deprecated encoding key from desktop files.
- Make the display settings dialog pluggable (bug #6524).
- Speedup startup of the keyboard settings dialog (bug #6661).
- Translation updates (fi, ca, lv, sk, ru, es, el, it, pt_BR,
  eu, de, uk, si, kk, is, tr, hr, id, zh_TW, fr, da, pt).