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    * configure.in.in: Make D-Bus a hard dependency. · ef8e3d67
    Brian Tarricone authored
        * xfce4-session/Makefile.am: Add xfsm-error.* and D-Bus stuff to the
        * xfce4-session/{xfsm-manager-dbus.xml,xfsm-client-dbus.xml}: Add
          D-Bus interface introspection files.
        * xfce4-session/shutdown.*: Make the shutdown type a real enum,
          and add values for 'ask', 'suspend', and 'hibernate'.
        * xfce4-session/xfsm-shutdown-helper.*: Make sure the shutdown
          types/commands don't clash with shutdown.h.
        * xfce4-session/xfsm-global.*: Add some GValue convenience
        * xfce4-session/xfsm-error.*: Add XfsmError type, and register the
          error domain with D-Bus.
        * xfce4-session/{xfsm-manager.*,xfsm-client.*}: Implement D-Bus
          server for org.xfce.Session.Manager and org.xfce.Session.Client.
        * xfce4-session/main.c: Hook up some D-Bus stuff.
        * po/POTFILES.in: Add xfsm-manager.c and xfsm-client.c to POTFILES.
    (Old svn revision: 28049)
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