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Prioritized labels

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Other labels

  • 5. Multi-row
    Xfce / xfce4-panel
  • Multiple plugins including Status Notifier and Status Tray
  • 5. Plugin Menu
    Xfce / xfce4-panel
    Plugin app menu that appears when left-clicking it
  • 5. Plugin Mouse Events
    Xfce / xfce4-panel
    Mouse interactions on panel plugins
  • 5. Qt Toolkit
    Xfce / xfce4-panel
  • 5. Separator
    Xfce / xfce4-panel
  • Issue related to settings and configurable preferences
  • Issues relating to the icon that appears in the notification area, aka status tray, for apps
  • 5. Text
    text suggestions, font size and other text related stuff
  • 5. Tooltip
    Xfce / xfce4-panel