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- ci: Add no-x11 and no-wayland builds
- ci: Make build stage fail on any compiler warning
- ci: Make jobs running in merge requests interruptible
- ci: Add clang-format check
- Update `.gitignore`
- Bump CI container to Ubuntu 24.04
- xdt-autogen: Fix aclocal macro search path
- Add libjson-c-dev to CI build
- Clone submodules for current repo in CI template
- Clone submodules when cloning repo for CI container build
- xfce-do-release: Skip appdata if file does not exist in right format
- xfce-do-release: Warn about unmodified
- xfce-do-release: Use available proc units for make
- Add libayatana-indicator3-dev to CI build
- Remove -Wdeclaration-after-statement from list of enabled warnings
- Add polkitd to CI build