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Natanael Copa requested to merge ncopa/xfce4-dev-tools:xdt-version into master


Add an XDT_VERSION_INIT help macro that will define a set of version macros using esyscmd so we no longer need to use to prepare the version string for AC_INIT.

XDT_VERSION_INIT(SEMVER, [TAG] will set the following macros:

  • xdt_version
  • xdt_version_major
  • xdt_version_minor
  • xdt_version_micro
  • xdt_version_tag
  • xdt_version_build
  • xdt_debug_default

Example usage:

AC_INIT([xfce4-someproject], [xdt_version()])

Let XDT_I18N automatically find the po/*.po as default

Make the LINGUAS argument optional and let it be auto generated from po/*.po if is not specified.

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