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Prioritized labels

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Other labels

  • 1. Build
    Any kind of issue related to the build process
  • Software crashes or freezes
  • Lags, temporal freezes or high CPU/MEM load
  • It used to work in an older version, but not any more
  • This issue proposes an improvement to an existing feature.
  • 2. Feature
    This issue is a feature request.
  • 3. Moved
    Bug submitted in wrong project
  • We need more information from the reporter.
  • Expected behavior or invalid request
  • Out of scope
  • This issue shows in thunar because of an issue in an underlying library (Gtk / GLib / Gio / Gvfs /...) A link to the underlying issue should be added to the thunar issue. It might sense to keep to thunar issue open in order to implement a workaround.
  • 4. Shell
    Issues where shell scripting is involved
  • 5. CLI
    Running programs from the commandline/terminal
  • When a custom dpi is set in the the font tab of Appearances dialog
  • 5. D-Bus
    Anything related to the desktop bus interface
  • Issues related to holding down a mouse key while moving the mouse pointer