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- Remove INSTALL
- Directly render the capture in the correct size.
- New gstreamer thumbnailer based on totem-thumbnailer.
- Disable http and cdda schemes as well.
- Add support for MPEG2 transport streams (bug #7421).
- Rotate jpeg thumbnails (bug #6730).
- Plug small leak.
- Don't use collate to check strings.
- Release lifecycle manager during early exit.
- Don't abort with warnings in debug mode.
- Clear 2.32 mutex memory leak.
- Drop unneeded vfs schemes.
- Work with an array to store the strings.
- Don't use GString for a simple concat.
- Make registry dump a bit smaller.
- Don't use deprecated glib 2.32 API.
- Rotate pixbuf loader images (bug #6730).
- Translation updates: Arabic, Spanish (Castilian), Icelandic,
  Korean, Dutch (Flemish), Serbian, Uyghur.