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- Fix generation of video images by starting the pipeline (bug #7996).
- Fix ownership race conditions when started twice (bug #8001).
- Add an ODF thumbnailer plugin.
- Add support for OpenRaster images in the ODF thumbnailer (bug #6108).
- Add a raw image thumbnailer plugin.
- Drop AC_PROG_LIBTOOL in favor of LT_PREREQ and LT_INIT.
- Don't crash on 0x0 errors (bug #8142).
- Exit the xdg thumbnailer nicely with corrupt png files.
- Avoid huge thumbnails from libjpeg (bug #8020).
- Optimize the pixbuf thumbnailer.
- Translation updates: Icelandic, Turkish, Malay, Hungarian, Korean,
  Chinese (Taiwan), Arabic, Danish, Slovak, Ukrainian, Russian,
  Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Basque, Hungarian,
  Dutch (Flemish), Chinese (China), French.