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- Restore split-view separator position (Issue #616)
- Skip `switch-page` handler when switching to other split-view tab
(Issue #615)
- Change thunar_file_is_trashed to thunar_file_is_trash in
- Provide additional menu item for trashed files: "restore and open
folder" (Issue #382)
- Open restored tabs in correct order (Issue #613)
- After restoring tabs set focus on the last focused tab
- For "foo.txt" next available file should be of the form "foo N.txt"
- Remove redundant code
- Ask "close window with tabs?" as well for STRG+Q (Issue #611)
- Keep modified time of files copied from foreign locations (Issue #218)
- Use more general method to pick file names on copy (Issue #244)
- Add possibility to 'trust' launchers (Issue #156)
- Remove reload button from toolbar (!125)
- Fix build warnings
- Add a preference to restore tabs on startup (Issue #338)
- Fix Recent entry in the Go menu
- Use thunar_g_file_new_for_computer and thunar_g_file_new_for_network
- Add support for the `recent:///` location in Thunar.
- Add basic support for gtk-recent (Issue #257)
- Fix: Incorrect thumbnail size being displayed sometimes when zooming
- Add zoom-level as a per-directory setting (Issue #418)
- Rename variable `dot` to `extension`
- Generate incremental file name when a name collision is detected
(Issue #210)
- Fix GLib-CRITICAL in list-view (Issue #487)
- thunar_file_is_executable() now checks if .desktop file is safe
- Fix missing folder in history when opened in new tab (Issue #594)
- Fix missing folder in history when opened in new tab (Issue #594)
- Manage parallel job outside ThunarTransferJob (Issue #569)
- Replace ExoBinding with GBinding equivalent
- Move bookmarks into a separate Bookmarks menu (Issue #572)
- Proper destruction of member variables for thunar-launcher
- Fixing various memory leaks (Issue #573)
- Fix showing volume uuid in transfer dialog (Issue #579)
- Update manpage (Issue #121)
- Dont show "execute" on context menu for folders
- Translation Updates:
  Albanian, Basque, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (China), Czech, Danish,
  Dutch, Estonian, French, Galician, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese,
  Malay, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil),
  Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish