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- Fix action of Back/Forward mouse gesture when using RTL (Issue #90)
- Prevent crash on mouse gesture action (Issue #443)
- Avoid crashes when closing thunar with ctrl+w (#336)
- Ignore double-click events from back/forward mouse button (Issue #371)
- Remove GLIB_CHECK_VERSION IFDEFs which are obsolete after glib bump
- bump minimum required exo version to 4.15.3
- Wrap box around spinner to prevent flickering (Issue #440)
- Use g_drive_is_removable over g_drive_is_media_removable
- bump glib (and gio, gthread, etc) to 2.50.0
- Do not duplicate app_info when added via custom command (Issue #309)
- Escape all whitespace characters in custom command path
- Remove hidden quotes for "Open with"->"custom command" (Issue #425)
- Ignore unknown XML elements in UCA.xml
- Regression: Fix broken bulk renamer context menu (Issue #436)
- Revert of b12247c2 and proper fix for Issue #423
- Remove duplicated code in renamer and prevent possible leak
- Prevent possible crash of thunar_launcher_poke (Issue #436)
- Fix combo box entry order (Issue #435)
- Remove TODO file
- Change focus when clicking an emblem entry (Issue #315)
- Bump GLib minimum version to 2.44
- Prevent Gtk-CRITICAL when terminating session (Issue #430)
- Missing thunarx support on the shortcut view (Issue #423)
- Translation Updates:
  Basque, Chinese (China), Czech, Danish, Estonian, Korean, Norwegian
  Nynorsk, Turkish, Vietnamese