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- Fix ThunarBulkRename script not supporting spaces (bug #9713)
- Use "Name" column for drag & drop instead of first column (bug #11905)
- Update the path entry icon when current file changes
- Revert changes for restoring the trash in the session client (bug #9513)
- Fix loading the trash bin status at startup (bug #9513)
- Turn off building gtk-docs API reference
- Fix cppcheck warning about uninitialized variable
- Disable "Set as default application" by default in the chooser dialog
- Remember chosen application in the chooser dialog as last used
- Remember the last used application when opening files
- Fix reload when file is replaced with directory of the same name
- Fix comments for toggle-menubar
- Allow opening by middle-click in tree view only for mounted devices and resources
- Keep selection in original tree view when middle-clicking for new tab/window
- Keep path selected after unmounting a device via KEY_Left
- Unmount device if collapsing a collapsed device tree with KEY_Left in the tree view
- Fix wrong network icon shown in tree view
- Fix tree view opening mounted devices in new tab
- Use only open selection instead of open action with KEY_Up and KEY_Down
- Fix assertion when hitting KEY_Left on a top-level item in the tree view
- Revert workaround for desktop toplevel item in the tree view
- Always select the proper toplevel item in the thunar tree view
- Unescape URI in history error message
- Remove unmounted files from history when going back or forward
- Post release tag bump
- Translation updates: Basque, French, Galician