- Watch for CHANGES_DONE_HINT instead of CHANGED and ATTRIBUTE_CHANGED (bug #8377) (Harald Judt)
- Shortcut view: Fix "selection in selection" graphical bug when renaming shortcut (Harald Judt)
- Fix broken shortcut renaming (bug #11885) (Harald Judt)
- Unescape URIs in the shortcut view (bug #10831) (Harald Judt)
- Fix compiler warning because of missing curly braces (Harald Judt)
- Fix compilation error because of wrong variable name (Harald Judt)
- Fix unescaping of local paths in path entry (bug #8190) (Harald Judt)
- Fix escaping and unescaping URI in path entry (bug #8910) (Harald Judt)
- Let the tree view keep the focus when clicking on an item (bug #11863) (Harald Judt)
- Fix switching to the 10th tab via <alt>-<0> keyboard shortcut (Harald Judt)
- Fix removal of a directory wrongly affecting the current tab (bug #10981) (Harald Judt)
- Keep the scroll position when restoring the file selection (Harald Judt)
- Restore selection only when rows-reordered signal is received (bug #11855) (Harald Judt)
- For folders copied always append "copy #" to the end of their names (bug #11862) (Harald Judt)
- Update F5 binding for new ThunarWindow::reload signal (Evangelos Foutras)
- Do not perform the complete folder reload in idle (bug #11849) (Harald Judt)
- Coverity CID 60623: Unused value (Harald Judt)
- Coverity CID 60621: Missing return statement (Harald Judt)
- Coverity CID 60620: Explicit null dereferenced (Harald Judt)
- Coverity CID 60619: Explicit null dereferenced (Harald Judt)
- Coverity CID 60617: Unchecked return value (Harald Judt)
- Remove unused variable in thunar_standard_view_set_history (Harald Judt)
- Remove startup notification dependencies (bug #11837) (Harald Judt)
- Translation updates: Galician, German, Lithuanian
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