- Bump autotools versions
- Add .gitignore
- Do not execute but only open shell scripts by default (bug #7596) (Harald Judt)
- Fix typo in error message (Nick Schermer)
- Improve keyboard navigation for thunar-tree-view (bug #4519) (Harald Judt)
- Allow <ctrl> + middle click in shortcut and treeview panes (Harald Judt)
- Set correct dialog window hint for progress dialog (bug #11467) (Matt Thirtytwo)
- Refresh file info after getting it from cache (bug #11008) (Peter de Ridder)
- Remove unused enum for signal handlers (bug #11493) (Matt Thirtytwo)
- Simplify Makefile.am. Generated files are separated from typed source files (Matt Thirtytwo)
- thunar-tpa: Install desktop file to $(datadir)/xfce4/panel/plugins (Robby Workman)
- Fix anchor offset in xfce_dialog_show_help () function. (Olivier Duchateau)
- Properly handle m4 stuff (Harald Judt)
- TWP: Single-workspace-mode = TRUE is the default (Bug #11047) (Eric Koegel)
- thunar-wallpaper: Do not use escaped filenames for xfconf (Harald Judt)
- Use xfconf and handle xfdesktop's single workspace (Bug #11047) (Eric Koegel)
- Revert "Workaround for crashes on RHEL5" (Andrzej)
- Revert "Fallback to image surface, workaround for bug in Cairo/RENDER" (Andrzej)
- Renaming a file from another file manager... (bug #11430) (Andrzej)
- Make usage/free string more clear (bug #11345) (Harald Judt)
- Make single middle click open files and folders (bug #10587) (Harald Judt)
- Add a progressbar to the freespace indicator in the properties dialog (Harald Judt, Simon Steinbeiss)
- Change resize style in thunar-wallpaper plugin (Thaddaeus Tintenfisch)
- Add vim modeline. Remove obsolete '$Id$' line (Matt Thirtytwo)
- Right click context menu with wrong icon (bug #10652) (Andrzej)
- Translation updates
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