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- Don't abort startup if dbus failed.
- Put * around string if * and ? are not used in the pattern.
- Revert "Remove right-click drag possibility (bug #3549)."
- Revert "Directly popup menus on selected items (bug #3550)."
- Update shortcuts headers when removing a shortcut (bug #9651).
- Implement tab middle click in location buttons (bug #9684).
- Add new tab option to right-click menu of location buttons.
- Small improvement in thumbnail frame.
- Key combos not working with location buttons (bug #9625).
- Open tree node if expanded and mounted (bug #9603).
- Use some more cairo renderering.
- Make Desktop in Go menu translatable (bug #9616).
- Send to menu not updated for directories (bug #9618).
- Fix freeze on /proc/kmsg.
- Show all volumes in the devices list.
- Removed translations: Dzongkha, Kazakh, Kurdish, Macedonian.
- Translation updates: Arabic, Czech, Italian, Japanese,
  Georgian, Korean, Dutch (Flemish), Polish, Portuguese,
  Russian, Ukrainian.