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- Drop spacing betweek Kind and icon in file properties.
- Make sure trash is loaded during session restore (bug #9513).
- Don't open a useless tab (bug #9519).
- Remove session file if there are no windows (bug #9519).
- Add special tooltip for the trash in shortcuts.
- Revert "Improve pervious commit.. (bug #9552).
- Slightly increase the progress dialog (bug #9545).
- Set icon names in go menu (bug #9559).
- Hide spinner when there's no activity (bug #9563).
- Fix sorting by type (bug #9549).
- Remove the display names from the emblems (bug #9548).
- Test if the application generated a thumbnail if not supported.
- Translation updates: Czech, Danish, German, Hebrew, Croatian,
  Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Dutch (Flemish), Polish, Portuguese,
  Portuguese (Brazilian), Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese