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- Re-add the has-handler check when inserting rows.
- Use g_object_notify_by_pspec in most places.
- Install GParamSpec properties at once in a couple of objects.
- Update the statusbar in a short timeout.
- Remove image resolution from statusbar.
- Fix supported applications for multiple files.
- Idle updating the launcher.
- Don't queue tumbler requests for non-regular files.
- Pass the correct emblem size to the icon factory.
- Store cairo surfaces on pixbufs.
- Right-click on not-selected row will show menu of current folder
  in details view (bug #3386).
- Load content types on-demand and preload in an idle.
- Use origional date in properties page for images.
- Add option to only show local thumbnails.
- Translation updates: Arabic, Czech, German, Italian, Kazakh,
  Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese (China),
  Chinese (Taiwan).