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- Show custom commands again in the menus (bug #9169).
- Drop usage of glib 2.32 functions.
- Allow resizing of chooser dialog.
- Don't abort on non-utf8 charaters in path entry.
- Don't show drive icon for remote mounts in history.
- Release all ThunarFiles when closing a view, this should resolve
  mounts that were empty after unmounting.
- Show tooltip uri/filename in history menu item.
- End with a / in the path entry.
- Add function to generate nice remote display names.
- Easy adding bookmarks for remote mounts.
- Do not call eject in thunar_device_volume_mount_finished.
- Reduce tumbler traffic on startup of Thunar.
- Use drive_stop in device handling.
- Put reload button in location entry.
- Create pull-down history buttons and remove arrows.
- Shortcut pane: Do not mount after eject (bug #9403).
- Use go-home icon name for menu and toolbar.
- Drop the separators in the toolbar.
- Extend history tooltips to describe functionality of the button.
- Avoid segfault with null mime-type (bug #8390).
- Implement tabs in Thunar (bug #6102).
- Do not try to mount a device twice in treeview (bug #9412).
- Keep delaying selecing files if not loaded yet (bug #7328).
- Slightly toned thumbnail frame.
- Make loading priority in shortcuts model higher.
- Collect properties at once in window_init.
- Use infobar for root warning in window.
- Option to set small toolbar icons (bug #3971).
- Avoid crash when toplevel window cannot be found (bug #9417).
- Revert "Remove XdndDirectSave0 protocol." (bug #9414).
- Rename filename of insecure desktop files (bug #8786).
- Cache pixmaps on the ThunarFile and drop ring buffer.
- Add lazy checks to thumbnailer.
- Add menu item for permanent delete.
- Only show "Move to Trash" if trash is supported.