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- Fix crash when trying to thumbnail a file with unknown content type.
- Fix properties dialog crash with files with unknown content type.
- Fix crash when hovering a CD drive with a special icon (bug #7309).
  Reported and solved by Ambroz Bizjak.
- Use portable from xfconf.
- Avoid segfaults due to interpreting display names as format strings.
- Improve the UI according to bugs #7496 and #7497.
- Treat backup files as hidden as with thunar-vfs (bug #7615).
- Fix crash when opening a mountable drive with no media (bug #7308)
  in a way that does not break SMB shares (#bug 7774).
  Patches by Ambroz Bizjak and Axel Sommerfeldt.
- Fix segfaults in case icons are missing or not found (bug #7880).
- Allow exec bit of MS-DOS executables and MSI to be changed
  (bug #3545).
- Prevent falling back to an unexpected locale (bug #4746).
  Patch by Martin Jürgens and Mark Trompell.
- Show translated names of desktop files (bug #7393).
  Fix by Lionel Le Folgoc<>.
- Fix sorting of filenames with large numbers (bug #5356).
  Patch by Eric Koegel.
- Respect ThunarIconFactory::show-thumbnails. Fixes a regression.
- Fix crash when removing an ancestor of the current folder (bug #8168).
- Fix handling %U when launching multiple files with an app (bug #7456).
- Improve sorting of file names that include numbers (bug #5359,
  bug #8022, #4269, #5286).
- Add a "Skip All" button to the file overwrite dialog (bug #4263).
- Compress icons and images.
- Remove the manual.
- Use 32 instead of 36 pixels for small icons.
- Show Thunar settings in category.
- Don't update UI more then fourth per second in deep count job.
- Fix sorting of applications in chooser dialog.
- Depend on Gtk 2.20 and Glib 2.24 and drop some workarounds.
- Fix removing custom application launchers again.
- Prevent looping in some renamers.
- Fix segfault when plugin returns a NULL suffix.
- Remove spec file, rpm build and update libtool.
- Lowercase the thunar executable and install a Thunar symlink.
- Make the clipboard persistence (bug #7060).
- Use glib functions for get/set cwd (bug #7522).
- Don't interpret file display names as format strings
- Translation updates (ar, ca, cs, da, de, el, es, eu, fi, fr, gl, he,
  hr, hu, id, is, it, kk, ko, lt, nl, nn, pl, pt, pt_BR, ro, ru, sk,
  sv, te, tr, uk, zh_CN, zh_TW).