- Move helpers from $libexecdir to $libdir/Thunar.
- Fix replacing @docdir@ in ThunarHelp.
- Move panel plugin to $(libdir)/xfce4/panel/plugins.
- Move manual translations to docs/manual/po.
- Abort dist when validating the xml file fails.
- Wait for a reply in thunar-settings.
- Add CopyTo, CopyInto, MoveInto, LinkInto, UnlinkFiles
  D-Bus methods.
- Add startup-id to more D-Bus methods.
- Move LaunchFiles to org.xfce.FM.
- Remove README.volumes and ThumbnailersCacheFormat as
  those are specific to thunar-vfs.
- Display content type in the file properties dialog
  tooltip (bug #2369).
- Translation updates (kk, pt, ca, fr, da, fi, it, uk, he, de,
  zh_TW, gl)