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Improve Thumbnailing request logic

The first 3 commits do fix bugs in the logic of thunar-thumbnailer and simplify it.

The last commit is based on the work of !411 (closed), while implementing the suggestions on the MR and going a bit further in terms of simplification of the usage THUNAR_FILE_THUMB_STATE

  • I noticed a strange calling behavior of the "ready" signal from tumbler, so I do not rely on 'ready' anymore .. instead I just check if a thumbnail is available after "request-finished", if there was no error (more details here)
  • In theory #1237 (closed) should be fixed, however currently I fail to get a folder thumbnailer to work in order to test with/without this MR, not sure what I do wrong ... it used to work in the past. @Tamaranch / @Elessar1802 if folder thumbnailing in general works for you, it would be great if you could test
  • I left some TODO's in the code for further improvement:
    • Creating a new job(=Tumbler DBus Request) for each single ThunarFile is a resource waste. Instead, always wait ~10ms to cluster multiple requests into a single job, or send a single requet for all visible files in thunar-standard-view, instead of sending a request per file in the renderer.
    • Redraw only relevant widgets, not all windows, like done currently ... more info on #1229 (closed)

@Elessar1802, @Tamaranch : Would be great if you could give it a try !

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