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Remember the bulk renamer dialog size (Issue #1040)

Manuel Grießmayr requested to merge (removed):resize_dialog into master

Fixes #1040 (closed)

As always I am happy when I can do some small work for the Xfce community. So here is my latest patch 😄

Some implementation notes:

The dialog size will be saved after a timeout of 1 second after the last window event. So this is exactly the same way as we do it with the main Thunar window.

I've heard you're a big fan of code duplication 😉
We have a lot of code duplication here:

Copied from thunar-window.c to thunar-renamer-dialog.c:

thunar_window_save_geometry_timer() -> thunar_renamer_save_geometry_timer()
thunar_window_save_geometry_timer_destroy() ->thunar_renamer_save_geometry_timer_destroy()
thunar_window_configure_event() -> thunar_renamer_configure_event()

I mean there are of course some changes in these functions but it's not that much. Do you think I should write the code so the functions are shared between the two files? If you so which functions and where to place them? Many thanks in advance.

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