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Use sort menu as well for detailed view (#139)

Ghost User requested to merge (removed):details-view-sort-menu into master

Add "Arrange Items" menu to details view (listview). It uses the same accelerator bindings as in icon view, so the same hotkeys can be used.

This MR also changes the behavior if one selects an action that is already applied. It will now toggle the sort order (Ascending/Descending) of the current column. This partly solves #130 (closed) , However adding an Action to Toggle Sort Direction is trivial, and will be done in a separate commit.

Previously the Arrange Items sub-menu was specific to icon-view. which meant that all the functions where static in abstract-icon-view.c . Here I have moved all those functions to standard-view (which is the parent class of all views), now all views will inherit the menu, actions and functions related to sorting. This is why the line count is 100 lines less is more.

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