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Change toggle sort order menu option to check menu option (Issue #781)

Manuel Grießmayr requested to merge (removed):sort_direction into master

Fixes #781 (closed)

@alexxcons A little bit of work for you for the weekend 😉

In the Issue #781 (closed) @lastonestanding suggests a renaming of the menu option to "Reverse sort direction". Personally I am fine with the current "Toggle Sort Order" so I didn't change that.

It seems to me this menu option is a bit of a luxury because the option to change the sorting order is already available in the same menu via the options "Ascending" and "Descending". At least so I thought it could be useful for a keyboard shortcut because otherwise two keyboard shortcuts for two menu options would be needed. The thing is in the keyboard shortcut settings this menu option isn't available. So that's another bug, right?

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