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[GSoC 22] [undo] Add 'undo' for the single latest copy operation

Pratyaksh Gautam requested to merge hi-im-buggy/thunar:undo-redo into master

[WIP] MR to add the ability to 'undo' the single latest copy operation performed. (#819 (closed) and #191 (closed)).


Phase 1

  • Learn more about ThunarJob
  • Write ThunarJobOperation
    • Basic struct
    • Operation type as property
    • Source and target file lists as properties
    • Switch to operation-kind as an enum
  • Write persistent global operation GList, ThunarJobOperationList
  • Register latest copy on global ThunarJobOperationList

Phase 2

  • Write function to calculate inverse ThunarJobOperation for copy
  • Write undo to execute the inverse of the latest ThunarJobOperation
  • Write keybindings and front-end buttons for undo
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