Prioritized Labels

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Other Labels

  • 5. Custom DPI
    When a custom dpi is set in the the font tab of Appearances dialog
  • 5. D-Bus
    Anything related to the desktop bus interface
  • 5. Devices
    Removable and non-removable disk partitions, drives, etc.
    Xfce / thunar
  • 5. Dialogs
    Other dialogs from the preferences, file properties and bulk renamer dialogs
    Xfce / thunar
  • 5. Display Scaling
  • 5. Drag-and-Drop
    Issues related to holding down a mouse key while moving the mouse pointer
  • 5. Event Sounds
  • 5. File Arrangement
    Any type of file rearrangement like sorting and filtering
    Xfce / thunar
  • 5. File Highlight
    Highlight mode. Files which have a custom background or text color
    Xfce / thunar
  • 5. File Operations
    Operations like copy, cut, paste, move, and delete (includes copy/move dialog)
    Xfce / thunar
  • 5. GVfs
    'GNOME Virtual file system' backend to work with the I/O abstraction of GIO
    Xfce / thunar
  • 5. HiDPI Monitor
  • 5. History
    Browsing history, controlled with back and forward buttons
    Xfce / thunar
  • 5. Icons
    Issues related to icon presentation, scaling and similar
  • 5. Icon View
    File pane view which shows the icon or thumbnail and name of files
    Xfce / thunar
  • 5. Image Preview
    Embedded or standalone image preview
    Xfce / thunar
  • 5. Keyboard Shortcuts
    Related to shortcut keys and accelerators
  • 5. Kiosk Mode
  • 5. Launcher / .desktop File
  • 5. List View (Detailed View)
    File pane view which shows detailed info about files as list, including their name, size, modified date, etc.
    Xfce / thunar