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Update NEWS and README.

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- Replace ThunarVFS with GIO. There will be a separate maintenance
release of ThunarVFS soon after this release. All functionality
previously based on ThunarVFS is now implemented on top of GIO
and GVfs. This means that remote filesystems can be accessed via
SFTP, FTP, SMB etc. For this as well as the trash feature GVfs
is required. Thunar does not depend on it because GVfs is a set
of GIO extensions and there is no guarantee for those to be
available at runtime if they are installed at buildtime. This is left
for distributions to set up properly.
- Thumbnails are now generated using the thumbnail management D-Bus
specification. One implementation of this specification is Tumbler
which is released independently.
- Show "Network" item in the side pane and the "Go" menu if the
network:// URI scheme is supported by GIO (via an extension). Make
the "Trash" item optional too.
- Use a single shared progress dialog for file operations instead of
individual dialogs for each operation. The visual information in this
shared dialog still has to be improved (work on this has been started
in an experimental branch).
- Use g_utf8_strlen to calculate the side pane width (bugs #3965, #5390)
- Add startup ID parameter to the BulkRename and LaunchFiles D-Bus methods
in order to support startup notification over D-Bus.
- Avoid requesting drag data if the drag target is GDK_NONE (bug #5771).
- Add startup notification support to the custom actions plugin.
- Use install-exec-hook for installing the thunar symlink (bug #5835).
- Use silent build rules if available.
- Use libxfce4ui instead of libxfcegui4.
- Depend on xfce4-dev-tools >= 4.7.2 to get rid of custom configure code.
- Depend on exo-1 >= 0.5.1.
- Updated translations: German, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Czech, Slovak,
Latvian, Basque, Danish, Asturian, Japanese, Galician, Spanish, Greek,
Turkish, Russian, Swedish, Catalan, Albanian, Kazakh.
- Put quotes around filenames in thunar-wallpaper-plugin (bug #5056)
......@@ -4,11 +4,6 @@ What is it?
Thunar is a modern file manager for the Unix/Linux desktop, aiming to be
easy-to-use and fast.
used for the migration from ThunarVFS to GIO as part of a student thesis:
Required packages
......@@ -16,25 +11,17 @@ Required packages
Thunar depends on the following packages:
- perl 5.6 or above
- GTK+ 2.6.0 or above
- libexo 0.3.2 or above
- GTK+ 2.14.0 or above
- GLib 2.18.0 or above
- exo 0.5.1 or above
- intltool 0.30 or above
- libpng12 1.2.0 or above
- shared-mime-info 0.15 or above
- desktop-file-utils 0.10 or above
Thunar can optionally use the following packages:
- D-BUS 0.34 or above (strongly suggested)
- HAL 0.5.0 or above (esp. the libhal-storage devel package)
- freetype 2.0 or above (for the font thumbnailer)
- gamin 0.1.0 or above
- gconf 2.4 or above
- libexif 0.6 or above
- libjpeg 6 or above
- D-Bus 0.34 or above (strongly suggested)
- libstartup-notification 0.4 or above
- pcre 6.0 or above
- xfce4-panel 4.3.90 or above (for the trash applet)
- xfconf-query
......@@ -157,8 +157,6 @@ dnl **********************************
[2.18.0], [gio-unix], [GIO UNIX features])
dnl *******************************************************
dnl *** Optional support for gconf (GNOME thumbnailers) ***
dnl **********************************
dnl *** Optional support for D-BUS ***
dnl **********************************
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