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Update ext-workspace protocol spec to current version

@Tamaranch haven't tested this yet, but just wanted you to be able to get an idea of what this looks like.

Changes are:

  • Signal XfwWorkspaceGroup::workspace-created moved to XfwWorkspaceManager
  • Signal XfwWorkspaceGroup::workspace-destroyed moved to XfwWorkspaceManager
  • New signal: XfwWorkspaceGroup::workspace-added
  • New signal: XfwWorkspaceGroup::workspace-removed
  • New function: xfw_workspace_manager_get_workspaces()
  • New function: xfw_workspace_assign_to_workspace_group() (with a corresponding XFW_WORKSPACE_CAPABILITY_ASSIGN)
  • Changed behavior: xfw_workspace_get_workspace_group() can now return NULL (though it won't on X11).

The possible difficulty here is that stuff that compiles against the old version will continue to compile against the new version, but won't work properly anymore, and it won't be obvious why.

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