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- titled-dialog: Ensure a single icon on the left when CSD is used (#92)
- wayland: Reduce verbosity
- Remove remaining uses of xfce_titled_dialog_create_action_area()
- titled-dialog : Deprecate xfce_titled_dialog_create_action_area()
- titled-dialog: Ensure action area is shown when using CSD
- titled-dialog: Ensure action widget can default
- Fix xfce_titled_dialog action area margin
- shortcuts-grabber: Implement refcounted grabs as a set
- shortcuts-grabber: Formatting
- shortcuts-grabber: Remove dead code, useless casts and declarations
- shortcuts-grabber: Variable renaming
- shortcuts-grabber: Clarify keys management in _grab*() funcs
- shortcuts-grabber: Avoid duplicate code in _grab*() funcs
- shortcuts-grabber: Remove constructed()
- shortcuts-grabber: Isolate layout-related code more clearly
- Display distribution logo in xfce4-about (Fixes #54)
- shortcuts-grabber: Fix filtering by level
- shortcuts-grabber: Simplify filtering by group
- shortcuts-grabber: Variable renaming
- shortcuts-grabber: Filter grabbing by key level
- Detect keyboard shortcuts with only single modifier keys on key
- Translation Updates:
  Danish, Greek, Portuguese (Brazil)