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Patchset 2021.1

Ghost User requested to merge (removed):cleanups into master

This patchset contains the following updates:

  • Code cleanup: Remove empty lines
  • Code cleanup: Remove superfluous newlines in trace code
  • Code cleanup: Fix indentation and remove stale lines
  • Code cleanup: Convert refresh_tacho_view() to a static function
  • Fix invalid state flag
  • Avoid implicit conversions between XfcePanelPluginMode and GtkOrientation
  • Update and sort .gitignore
  • Update copyright year in about dialog
  • Increase icon size in about dialog from 32 to 48 pixels
  • Code cleanup: Move a couple of variable declarations to inner scopes
  • Fix accesses to destroyed widgets when changing the panel orientation
  • Fix invalid order of widgets after changing panel orientation

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