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Fix crash in hddtemp codepath with a SATA SSD drive; increase HDD/GPU temperature range by 10℃

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List of changes:

  • Fix crash in hddtemp codepath with a SATA SSD drive. This adds support for cases in which the drive's temperature isn't being reported by hddtemp, such as: /dev/sdd: Samsung SSD 850 PRO 256G @: no sensor

  • Increase default temperature ranges of HDDs and NVIDIA GPUs by 10℃

  • Remove timer in order to deallocate memory at program termination. This change is only intended to check that t_sensors_dialog destructor is being invoked when it is supposed to be invoked when running "G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all ./xfce4-sensors" in a terminal.

  • NVIDIA: Close X11 display via the destructor of a static variable. This is a tiny change that fixes a currently unimportant memory leak in

  • Reformat source code of the initialize_hddtemp() function

Closes: #27 (closed)

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