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Remove default values from RC configuration files

Ghost User requested to merge (removed):master into master

This simplifies updates over time. That is: users who are using default values will automatically receive the updated values when switching from xfce4-sensors-plugin version N to version N+1.


  • Remove sensors_init_default_values() -> Add t_sensors constructor
  • Specify default values in 1 place (t_sensors constructor), instead of 2 places (,
  • Add xfce4::Rc::write_default_... functions
  • Add support for floating-point values (32-bit) to xfce4::Rc
  • Add parse_float() and parse_double()

Fixed issues:

  • Save the current width&height values (not the stale values) to RC file
  • Rc::read_entry() fallback code-path

See also: #26 (closed)

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