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tag for release
Evgeni Golov (1):
      add ru.po

Lionel Le Folgoc (3):
      Add entry_{added,removed} signal handlers
      set up indicators with only one function (some set here where missing a few signal handlers)
      relay the 'scroll-event' signals to the indicators (used e.g. by indicator-sound to change the volume).

Mark Trompell (6):
      add dutch
      honor to whom honor is due! nl.po from Vincent.
      fix Charset. Thanks Evgeni
      add module.xml
      remove libxfcegui4
      get ready for 0.2.1

Nick Schermer (1):
      Updates for auto-po generation.

Piotr Sokół (1):
      l10n: Added Polish translation

Yarema aka Knedlyk (2):
      l10n: Ukrainian translation
      l10n: Updated Ukrainian (uk) translation to 100%