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- Update copyright year
- Highlighting of suboptimal thread placement on SMT CPUs
- Fix missing-prototypes
- Separate the associated command from the rest of config options
- Remove GSourceFunc casts
- Better resilience to inconsistent OS CPU utilization data
- Code cleanup: Move color key strings into an array
- Code cleanup: Reduce the number of lines defining default colors
- Code cleanup: update_sensitivity()
- Code cleanup: Move color widgets
- Code cleanup: Add color enum
- Display 'Show bars' in the same tab as 'Bars color'
- Replace multiple widget_show() with a single widget_show_all()
- Add cpugraph mode enum
- Clamp CPU usage values to zero if they are below a threshold
- Cleanup NEWS file
- Use larger unscaled icon in about dialog
- Add small explanation about default commands
- Dynamic default command lookup
- Fix RGBA string memory leak
- Fix an invalid memory reference
- Link sensitivity of labels to sensitivity of color buttons
- Allow setting colors with alpha
- Revalidate the event box after showing widgets
- Use floating-point instead of fixed-point CPU load values
- Paint CPU usage if it is 1 pixel tall
- Lower CPU usage when rendering bars
- Update URLs
- Improve performance of CPU data parsing
- Read CPU data correctly if some CPUs are offline (!7)
- Paint CPU bars in left-to-right order
- Update .gitignore
- Separate the bars from the history frame
- Fix old-style function warnings
- Fix clang and gcc warnings
- Also offer a 3 second update interval (#9)
- Add basic GitLab pipeline
- Update URLs from goodies.x.o to docs.x.o (Bug #16157)
- Allow compilation with panel 4.15
- Fix typo breaking build on NetBSD (Bug #15794)
- Disable frame and make background transparent by default
- Translation Updates:
  Albanian, Arabic, Armenian (Armenia), Basque, Belarusian, Bulgarian,
  Catalan, Chinese (China), Chinese (Taiwan), Croatian, Czech, Danish,
  Dutch, Eastern Armenian, English (Australia), English (United
  Kingdom), Estonian, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hebrew,
  Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Interlingue, Italian, Japanese,
  Kazakh, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Norwegian Bokmål,
  Occitan (post 1500), Panjabi (Punjabi), Polish, Portuguese,
  Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian,
  Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Urdu (Pakistan),
  Uyghur, Vietnamese