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 * Support the Intel performance state driver
 * Improve config dialog and make it use shortcut keys
 * Add a proper "About" dialog
 * Add min, avg and max frequencies in cpu selection
 * Add support for selecting a custom font
 * Support showing icon only (bug #7474)
 * Improve overview window size and layout
 * Remove code for showing the frame
 * Rewrite layout code using >=xfce4-panel-4.9 features
 * Remove code for deprecated APIs and <xfce4-panel-4.9
 * Build plugin as a module
 * Fix showing frequency of wrong CPU core (bug #7179)
 * Fix reading min frequency from cpufreq sysfs
 * Support panel 4.9 features (deskbar mode) (bug #8396)
 * Port plugin to libxfce4ui (bug #8051)
 * Code clean up and refactoring
 * Updates and fixes for build system files