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Adjust CPU icon color according to frequency

Ghost User requested to merge (removed):icon_color_freq into master

This patch adds a new configuration option that, when enabled, replaces black parts of the CPU icon with a color based on the current CPU frequency. The minimum frequency leaves the icon unchanged, while the maximum frequency fills the center of the icon with a red color.

Screenshot_20210221_150647 Screenshot_20210221_150704


The maximum frequency is being updated automatically based on the CPU frequencies seen so far. This is more reliable than relying on the maximum frequency reported by the Linux kernel via sysfs which does not account for turbo frequencies or can be unrealistic.

It currently works only with the xfce4-cpufreq-plugin.png icon.

Closes: #2 (closed)

Co-authored-by: Gert Wollny

Co-authored-by: Andre Miranda

Edited by Ghost User

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