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- placement: Factorize max space computation
- placement: Use a GdkRectangle instead of multiple coords
- client: Move getSizeExcludingMargins()
- screen: Add a new API to get the screen max space
- placement: Remove the "same monitor" param
- placement: Add new function to compute the max space available
- client: No need to always reconfigure on monitor change
- client: Preserve saved position on monitor change
- client: Get the GdkDisplay from ScreenInfo
- settings-dialogs: Remove ENABLE_NLS ifdefs
- Fix build warnings
- client: Toggle from partial maximization to unmaximize
- placement: Auto-maximize windows with both width and height
- startup-notification: Fix timeout computation
- bump copyright to 2022
- client: Update workarea only for windows with struts
- client: Fix
- netwm: Fix clientValidateNetStrut()
- Added functionality to move window to another monitor
- drop obsolete check for libSM
- client.c: fix a little typo
- placement: clientMaxSpace() drop unused variable
- ui_style: drop unused getUIPangoContext()
- drop unused HAVE_CYGWIN conditional
- fix obsolete AC_HEADER_STDC / obsolete checks
- replace obsolete AC_HELP_STRING
- netwm.c: simplify and optimize struts array
- client.h: move STRUTS_SIZE to hints.h
- xfce-wm-menu.png: Fix the 22x22 icon size
- Drop subtitle from workspace settings dialog
- updated NEWS
- Translation Updates:
  Albanian, Bulgarian, Dutch, Estonian, French, Italian, Japanese,
  Kazakh, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish