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- Fix typo for setting "misc-image-preview-mode"
- Shorten image preview enum strings in settings dialog
- preview sidebar: only load the thumbnails if previews wanted.
- Remove lag in search feature (Issue #914)
- Bulk renamer: Drop unmainted PCRE in favor of PCRE2 (Issue #848)
- Better handing of file updates during search
- Make fd.o ShowItemProperties behavior consistent with Thunar
- List View: Add file count to size column for directories (Issue #61)
- Translation for few buttons missing (Issue #916)
- Add option to suppress the confirmation dialog on delete (Issue #809)
- Regression: Fix build with notifications disabled (Issue #909)
- Translation Updates:
  Dutch, English (United Kingdom), Icelandic, Kazakh, Occitan (post
  1500), Portuguese